Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Niki's Lazy Salad

There's a spot in Jupiter, Florida known as The Lazy Loggerhead Cafe. It's set near the ocean, the food is fresh, the staff is nice (and have been there for years) and there's something for everyone. I've always loved a fruit salad that they serve with various dishes. Specifically, the black bean soup (also amazing). I'm not completely sure what is in this fruit salad, but it's delicious and along the way, I've adopted my own version. The word Lazy sounds really, really nice right about now so, in the name of food, let's call it Niki's Lazy Salad. At the end of a day like today, I think that has a nice ring to it.

I made it to be a side dish with a steak meal once featured in this post. Clearly, you can throw it together like we served it then or maybe you are having a brunch and need a "not quite breakfast, not quite lunch" side. I think it is perfect for lunch (with black bean soup) when you have a few people coming over and are looking for something easy. It makes something so simple, a little more interesting....on a dime at that! You might notice things were a little different then, but that's life and I'm nothing if not real!

So, invite your friends over, run to your nearest Whole Foods or Mondo's Restaurant (I think there are a total of three or five Mondo's throughout the country - sorry) and purchase a great black bean soup (I guess you could make your own if you really want to put your back into it, but that would compromise a little of the lazy). Put this salad together and voila, you've got a Lazily fabulous little something to present. This makes it nice and easy to sit down and enjoy your guests. You arrive at a beautiful state of no stress, no fuss, rather you've landed a prescription for a relaxing time in the kitchen, good food and friends! Do your friends drink beer? I could see a Kalik, Dos Equis or Corona in your future.

Here's what I put in my little salad this past weekend (by the way, my kids both helped which always makes for another fun perk).

You can play with this a trillion ways! I cut up pineapple, apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, h.d. melon, onion, tomatoes and cilantro. You can always add oranges, grapefruit, scallions maybe or whatever floats your boat! We threw what we had together, added lemon and lime juice, salt and pepper and voila - it was time to get our comfy on. The kids felt like Giada and Emeril. Hope this gives you ideas.

I'm glad to see Tuesday come to an end and am looking forward to a Happy Hump Day!


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